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Zhang Mao , head of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, speaks at a press conference in Beijing, March 9, 2015. [Photo by Wang JingChina Daily]
BEIJING - China must establish a system to record and restrict e-commerce firms that break rules on counterfeit goods, said the chief of the country's commercial regulator on Monday , responding to a question on the sale of fakes on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's websites.

The cost of breaking existing rules about selling counterfeit goods online is too low, said Zhang Mao, head of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), at a news conference during China's annual parliamentary session in Beijing.

If punishments are made more severe then the market will improve and fake goods will disappear, Zhang said , adding that e-commerce is growing faster than regulations and laws can keep up, and firms and the government should cooperate more.

Alibaba and the SAIC were engaged in an unusually public dispute in late January over the sale of fake goods through Alibaba, though the regulator's "white paper" which sparked the standoff was quickly retracted.

Here are other highlights of the news conference.

Business system reform

China will continue to reform its business system to ease government regulations for companies and inject vitality into the market, Zhang said.

"Chinese authorities will continue to streamline administration, delegate more powers to lower levels so as to give the market and society more play in economic development , and ease regulations for businesses," the minister added.

China this year will further simplify the process for entrepreneurs to register or nullify their businesses, give companies more decision-making power to choose their business scopes, he said.

"China will also press ahead with the reform of integrating the business license, the certificate of organization code and the certificate of taxation registration into one certificate to ease the registration procedure for companies ," Zhang said.

How To Choose Home Insurance Deductible October 8, 2013 | Author: Bart Lex | Posted in Home and Family

When you are intending to obtain homeowners insurance, you must first recognize all the details about it in order that you will not find it hard to look for one. The good thing is, this post can help you in that matter because it contains ideas that you can use in order that you can surely discover an insurance which will satisfy you.

To decrease the annual insurance fees on your home, increase your deductible amount. Instead of asking your insurance provider to fix minor damages on your house , why don’t you do the repair by yourself? Yes, you will invest several dollars, but in the long run, you will reduce your insurance.

It may be time consuming, however you should see to it that you will document all the things that are included in your home insurance. Aside from recording your products , you must also take their photos. When you have costly possessions, it is suggested that you keep their proof of purchases. So that you will not find it challenging to arrange every little thing, you can browse online since there are a number of websites that will assist in organizing. All these details are essential most particularly if you will file a clam later.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are looking for homeowners insurance is that you must consider getting replacement value insurance. This implies that your policy will certainly reconstruct your residence if it were completely destroyed. As construction costs increase in time, it might cost more to build your house now than it did when your house was brand new. You do not need to worry about rebuilding your home though when you have the guaranteed replacement insurance.

One benefit of setting up or replacing the fire alarm in your home is that doing so can assist decrease the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. When you have an older house, you might save as much as 10 percent a year. You can likewise get more discounts by setting up more security devices in your house.

Paying off your home loan might not be easy , but doing so can make your homeowner’s insurance fees drop drastically. Naturally, if you own your home, you will take good care of it and hence, you will only have a few claims to file each year.

Certain aspects of your home can influence the cost of your homeowner’s insurance, no matter what you do. If you have a swimming pool , you will certainly have a high insurance cost. The location of your home is likewise an additional element. If you are far from a fire station, more likely, you will have a high insurance price. These can affect your insurance price so see to it that you will consider them if you are searching for the proper insurance plan.

When you like to change your house address by relocating to another location, ensure that you will consider this pointer. Staying in an area that has low crime rate will lead to a lower insurance cost. Of course, when you stay in a location that has high criminal activity rate , you will have a high insurance cost.

Follow these ideas so that you can get the home insurance that is best for you. These pointers are made to provide you with exactly what you need in order to get the best bargain on quality homeowners insurance. Apply these tips to your homeowners insurance search to discover the plan that is appropriate for you today.

To find out exactly how I did yearly home insurance calculator, visit my website about your move home insurance.

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