Dream, realistic, wildcard, Squawka suggests: Where next for

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Dream, realistic, wildcard, Squawka suggests: Where next for

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After the relegation of Stoke City last season, the departure of Swiss star Xherdan Shaqiri seems all but certain. And with reports suggesting the player has a relegation clause in his contract, the exit of the former-Bayern man is basically academic.
pic5678 But with two years left on his contract, and media outlets suggesting he will cost more than the £12m stipulated in his release clause, who will be the club most likely to go in for him, and where will he want to go? He’s said himself that he’d like to stay in the Premier League, so, with that being said, here’s where we think Xherdan Shaqiri might end up.
Dream: Liverpool
Liverpool are the club that, at the time of writing, seem to be most interested in the signature of Shaqiri. It’s not hard to see why: though he hasn’t really lived up to his reputation as an elite talent while in Staffordshire, he still has the propensity to change games. The Reds need to add quality depth to their brilliant attacking three of Mane, Firmino and Salah – noticeable last term was the steep drop off in attacking verve when one or more of them were absent. Shaqiri could be the first sub on for anyone of those three.
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