Marseille-Atletico Madrid 0-2: Griezmann scores his second

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Marseille-Atletico Madrid 0-2: Griezmann scores his second

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This will be the first meeting between Marseille and Atlético Madrid in European competition since 2008/09, when the Spaniards went unbeaten against them in sbobet asian the Champions League group stage (W1 D1). Marseille will compete in their third UEFA Cup/Europa League final in this sbobet asian game, while they’re looking for their first victory following defeats to Parma in 1998/99 and Valencia in 2003/04. Les Olympiens are aiming to be the first French team to win a major European competition since 1995/96, when PSG beat SK Rapid Wien in the Cup Winner’s Cup.
Indeed, this game will see a French and Spanish team face each other in a major European final for the first time since that sbobet asian 2-0 defeat for Marseille against Valencia in 2003/04.
This will be Diego Simeone’s fourth major European final since taking charge at Atlético in 2011/12 – the Argentine has lost both of his Champions League finals, however did win his only previous Europa League final in 2011/12.
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