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The city is devoid of traffic unlike other metropolitans. This adds to the calmness and serenity of the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Getting around the city on foot is one of the pleasurable experiences that one must get involved in. You have no restrictions while looking around the places of architectural and historical significance marvels of the city. Walking tours are not free but they do not have a fee either; all you need to do is to decide whether or not to tip the tour guide. English tours are made available twice a day. There is a Spanish tour as well. So unless you have certain physical disability you are perfectly fit for undertaking a walking tour of the city. Walking with ease is also facilitated hugely by the fact that a major part of the city is flat except for a slight inclination at certain bridges. From Central Station to the Museum District is about the furthest distance that anyone would cover and it?s about an half hour walk.

Public Transportation:

Amsterdam has an excellent network of trams Kyrie Irving Celtics Jersey , buses and underground metros. Trams are the ideal commutation means for visitors. This mode of transportation is fairly cheap and since they are all run by the same authority the payment systems on all these is the same.


There are numerous taxis running in the city and it is the easiest way to get around the metropolitan. You can catch them on the streets but most parts of the city center are no stop zones. They are generally easier to be accessed from the designated taxi stands. These stands are at Central Station, Dam Square, Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein and Museumplein among other places. The taxi charge is constant for a number of 3 riders but it costs extra for the 4th passenger. They are also accessible via telephone.

Canal Cruise:

The city is lined with canals in a semi-circular fashion. It is a great way to sightsee the city both in the day and the night lights. You have a huge variety of canal cruises to choose from. They have themes on the cruise that may suit your mood. This is comparatively expensive of the lot Kevin Mchale Celtics Jersey , but it sure is a refreshing experience. The view of the merchant mansions, warehouses, historical buildings and architecture from the water body is heavenly. You have a variety of dinner cruises that serve all kind of cuisines and even host candlelight dinners for those cherished romantic moments. So if you have a lot of time in your hands and want ultimate relaxation while having a look around in the luxury of a restaurant ambience, canal tours are the best bet for you.


Amsterdam is a bicycle capital of sorts of Europe. You find innumerous bikers on the roads here. It is a fun way of getting around sightseeing the city. You can always rent a bike easily and join the fellow bikers for your fun excursion but there are downsides to this. Firstly Jonas Jerebko Celtics Jersey , there are bikers? lanes and you don?t want to offend any of the locals by violating any biking rules, being the newbie that you are. Secondly, finding a parking space becomes a tedious task. Probably not a preferable choice for the whole of your trip but you sure can have one shot at it just to experience the joy of riding your own self and exploring the magnificent city of surprises.

by Stefania Fumo

ROME, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- Italian leaders hailed ChinesePresident Xi Jinping's view that development must be conducted in a"peaceful John Havlicek Celtics Jersey , civilized and harmonious way," calling it the foundationfor global development as the Italian edition of Xi Jinping: TheGovernance of China was presented at the Italian Senate onWednesday.

The 566-page book contains excerpts from 79 speeches, talks andinterviews by Xi, along with a rich assortment of photographs.

Senate Speaker Pietro Grasso praised Xi's vision based on"reforms Jayson Tatum Celtics Jersey , sustainable development and fighting corruption."

"I was particularly struck by the deep and thoughtful historicalperspective and the attitude of trust in the future," Grasso saidof Xi's book.

"In a globalized world, as Xi says in his book, development mustbe carried out in a peaceful Jaylen Brown Celtics Jersey , civilized and harmonious way. As Xisays, without peace neither China nor the world can developsuccessfully," he added.

This is a view shared by Italy and spelled out in itsconstitution and its trust in supranational institutions, beginningwith the United Nations Jae Crowder Celtics Jersey , where countries must commit to findingpeaceful resolutions to international controversies, Grassosaid.

A former anti-mafia magistrate, Grasso recalled his visit toChina in December 2015, when he spoke at the Party School of theCommunist Party of China Central Committee in Beijing about therule of law and an independent judiciary.

Talking about the Chinese president's view that development andeconomic growth must go hand in hand with environmental protectionfor the sake of future generations Isaiah Thomas Celtics Jersey , Grasso pointed out that theenvironment and food security are two main sectors of Italy-Chinacooperation.

The speaker also praised the Belt and Road Initiative proposedby Xi in 2013 for closer trade and infrastructure links betweenAsia, Europe and Africa, saying the future of Italy-China relationsis closely intertwined with the new Silk Road.

Cultural Heritage and Tourism Undersecretary Dorina Bianchi, afrequent traveler to China Gordon Hayward Celtics Jersey , said "the Chinese people know how togive their friendship and I think the bonds of friendship are thebest guarantee of joint projects and bilateral cooperation."

The Belt and Road initiative is of strategic importance forItaly, and cultural cooperation is a part of the growing trade andeconomic synergy between the two countries, the undersecretarysaid.

She also praised joint initiatives such as the Chinese-Italianpolice patrols in key tourist cities like Rome and Florence to makeChinese visitors more comfortable.

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